The inaugural Anthony Harper Pop-up Globe Moot in Christchurch

July 18, 2019

Lythan Chapman Business Development and Marketing Manager

For the past two years, Anthony Harper and the Pop-up Globe have collaborated with Auckland University and the University of Auckland Mooting Society to produce the Anthony Harper Pop-up Globe moot.

A moot is a legal debate, focusing on questions of law, as opposed to evidence.  It was designed as a serious tool to help aspiring lawyers hone their skill and it is still used to this effect in universities across the globe. Anthony Harper makes no apologies for subverting the genre. Our moot involves theatre, performance, debate and the law and a liberal dose of active audience participation.

The Christchurch moot was held in the new Ngaio Marsh Theatre. So new, that we had the honour of being the first performance to grace the stage. The teams put through their paces by Ex Court of Appeal Justice Rhys Harrison included for the prosecution: Satirayan Ravichandiren, Eva Gawar Kohistani and reserve – Rachel Bedggood; and for the defence: Soroosh MacLean, Amelia Gunson and reserve – Rhiannon Jones.

The teams were charged with deciding if Hamlet was guilty of murdering Polonius or not guilty by reason of insanity? Putting one of history’s most famous characters on trial is no easy undertaking. The mooters are required to understand the nuances of the play, the time in which it was set and then apply modern New Zealand law to both prosecute and defend their client. And, also make it amusing.

The audience, following direction from the judge is given the role of the jury and must decide on Hamlet’s guilt or innocence. (In this case, a hung jury, led the judge to declare a mistrial!) The grand jury, in this case, consisted of 250 people from the judiciary, the faculty of law, students, barristers and the team at Anthony Harper, amongst others.

Anthony Harper and the Pop-up Globe

Anthony Harper takes enormous pride in our close bond with the Pop-up Globe. Together with our long term sponsorship of the Summer Theatre in Christchurch, it represents our firm’s ongoing support of the arts in New Zealand.

The Pop-up Globe, like us, tried and succeeded in doing something different.

Here in New Zealand, they created the world’s first full-scale temporary working replica of one of the greatest theatres in history, Shakespeare’s second globe.  Not content with this, they then provided us with the largest festival of Shakespearean plays in the Southern hemisphere.

It has, of course, been a runaway success.

The Pop-up Globe has already sold well over half a million tickets and performed over 1,000 shows.

Anthony Harper complements Pop-up Globe in many ways.

The Pop-up Globe are multi-award winners … so are we.

The Pop-up Globe is now the largest theatrical company in Australasia. We’re not the largest, but we are one of the largest full-service firms in New Zealand and over 90% of our partnership are ranked or recommended in international guides and directories.

Pop-up Globe and Anthony Harper believe that successful collaborations are those where there’s an alignment of values between the parties – not one that is all about the money. We were cognizant of the Pop-up Globe’s business needs and they, in turn, understood clearly what our needs, expectations, and goals were.

It is a collaboration that continues to enrich us both.

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