Feeding bellies and not bins

We are enormously proud to be helping Everybody Eats in their mission to 'feed bellies and not bins'. 

At their pop-up restaurant located in St. Kevin's Arcade, Auckland, the restaurant serves a tasty three course meal every Monday night.

"The concept behind Everybody Eats is simple. We take food that would otherwise be consigned to the bin and turn into a delicious meal" said Nick Loosley, Everybody Eats founder. "Food waste and food poverty are issues that are unfortunately alive in New Zealand. Perfectly good, delicious and nutritious food is wasted each day and at the same time we have increasing numbers of people who are unable to feed themselves and their families, relying on cheap takeaways and packaged foods."

"Everybody eats is trying to change that," he adds.

Every Monday, Nick and his team of volunteers serve upwards of 200 people. Last Monday a team from Anthony Harper decided to join them.

"The experience was equal parts fun, rewarding and humbling", said Vaash Singh. "As I rushed to sit and serve my tables their meal, a wholesome portion of pumpkin soup, sausage, mash and onion gravy, and a huge slab of chocolate cake, I found myself chatting and making a real connection with people I would normally not had a chance to meet".

"I was doubtful of my waitressing abilities but I ended up having a great time! Nick and his team were incredibly organised, and I found the evening to be a rewarding and humbling experience. I'm looking forward to volunteering again," said Helen Chen.

For Nick this is just the start. His vision, a chain of restaurants throughout the country where good food and good company is shared with those who have had little of each. Anthony Harper is proud to support Nick and his ambition.

For more information and how to get involved, see https://www.facebook.com/everybodyeatsnz.

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