Our Assembly Expert Series Videos

September 18, 2019

Our new Assembly Expert series videos contain pertinent legal advice and perspectives on some of the issues affecting New Zealand businesses.

Employment Law

Kathryn McKinney advises on employers obligations with regard to domestic violence. She reviews the current situation of domestic violence in New Zealand and the benefits of the Domestic Violence Victim Protection Act for employees. Kathryn discusses eligibility for domestic violence leave and the policies that employers should be implementing


Immigration Law

Our immigration partner, Nicola Tiffen, provides an update on the proposed changes to the work visa and residence processes


Public Law

Annelies McClure discusses the changes that have been made to the Overseas Investment Act. She reviews the various pathways that are available to overseas investors wanting to purchase land in New Zealand and identifies exemptions permitted in the Act. 



In this video, partner Dan Hughes, discusses the recent Mainzeal insolvency case and the impact the ruling has for boards of directors across New Zealand.


Peter Woods discusses the ongoing issues surrounding the Canterbury quakes. He reviews what has been causing the delays in claim resolutions, how the process in Canterbury has differed from Kaikoura, and the plans that government has in place to speed up the resolution of claims.


Tax Law

Our senior tax advisor, Bridget Riley, discusses changes to the New Zealand tax laws and their impact on local businesses. This is the first of a three parts series on tax law, so be sure to check back in for the following videos

Part 1


Part 2



Part 3


Corporate Advisory

Chris Dann discusses the current position with public sector procurement in New Zealand and in particular the new procurement rules. He reviews the broader social, economic, cultural and environmental outcomes required by the new rules and the expected implications of the new Supplier Code of Conduct.


Chris Dann identifies the common pitfalls of supply chain agreements and discusses how to avoid them. He also highlights some general recommendations to buyers ahead of significant investments


Financial Services

Ahead of a pending announcement, Nick Summerfield reviews regulatory options for the conduct of financial institutions. He discusses the FMA’s expectations for the sector, the general overarching duties proposed by MBIE, and the possible consequences of regulation.


Health and safety

In this video Grant Nicholson discusses the changes that have taken place in health and safety since the implementation of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, and compares this to what is taking place in Australia. He also reviews the likelihood of a corporate manslaughter law being introduced in New Zealand.



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